It's about LEjiT lekker food, LEjiT lekker drinks, and a LEjiT lekker good time

Tapas • Burgers • Salads • Wraps • Pasta • Boozy Milkshakes

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Spinach and rocket greens, biltong, strawberries, feta, avo and butternut crisps

Welcome to LEjiT Lekker

What makes LEjiT Lekker Restaurant so legit?

• We're legit because we offer LEjiT Lekker food

• We play LEjiT Lekker Afrikaans music

• We are proud of our LEjiT Lekker Afrikaans culture

• Ons maak lekker kos, vir lekker mense net soos jy

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At LEjiT, we believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, and nothing makes life more enjoyable than sharing a great meal with great friends.

Come experience a fresh new take to good eating and good living. You will find all your favourites, from mouth-watering healthy breakfasts, to hearty home-styled lunches, and delectable dinners, or maybe try our amazing tapas and craft beer combos.

And for desert, our one-of-a-kind alcohol infused milkshakes are a must. Just make sure that you wear socks, because they’re sure to knock your socks right off. Strictly for adults, of course.